Rental Property Revenue

Managing rental property can be hard work, especially if you have more than one property - or if you live in a different area than where your property is located.  For over three decades, Pyramid Properties has been making rental ownership easier for our clients.  From individuals to investment companies, we assist owners throughout the country and across the globe who own rentals in the Monroe County area.

Our professional team is experienced in managing a wide range of rental properties, including single, multi-family, and commercial properties.  We have a long track record of successful management, and we are ready to put our experience to work for you and your rental property.  We know how to minimize vacancies and turnovers, while positioning your property to demand maximum rental income for the market.  We cover all aspects of smart management, so you can rest easy knowing your investment is being properly cared for - wherever you are in the world.

If you own rental property in the Bloomington or Ellettsville area, please contact us to discuss your management needs.  

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Why Partner with us

Rental Property Evaluation

We perform extensive research so that you get the most for your property.

Marketing Your Rental Property

Listing a property on our website pushes out to a multitude of other sites including Zillow, Trulia,,, and more.

Placing the Right Tenant

We run criminal background checks, check for prior evictions, and verify employment on prospective tenants.

Lease Execution and Enforcement

We prepare and handle all leases for you.   In our leases, Landlord and Tenant Responsibilities are clearly defined, giving us the ability to enforce lease requirements in accordance with federal, state, and local laws and regulations.   

Rent Collection

We collect all rents for you and send you a management statement each month.

Lease Renewal

We take care of the lease renewal and make sure you always have a quality tenant.

Tenant Transition

We take care of all move out inspections, repairs, and upgrades in between tenants to minimize rental loss.


We file the eviction if it becomes necessary and handle everything from there.  There is never an additional fee for us to prepare any necessary paperwork or to go to court.   

Security Deposit Administration

Security deposits are held to enforce compliance of the terms of the lease.  Claims made against the security deposit will be processed upon the tenant's vacating the property.  


Our vendors provide us with great service at the lowest possible prices and we do not mark up any maintenance costs.  We oversee your project from the beginning to the end.  

Maintained Rental Property

Property appreciation and cash flow are affected by the maintenance cost of the property.  Pyramid Properties makes sure repairs are done when necessary to help maintain and/or improve the value of the property.  

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Lack of knowledge of federal, state, and local laws and regulations can lead to costly mistakes.  Pyramid Properties can help property owners keep from violating these laws and incurring costly fees and/or lost income.  

Tracked Income and Expenses

Tracking the income and expenses for a property in an organized manner is also time consuming.  Pyramid Properties relieves the property owner of this task and records the income collected and expenses paid and provides monthly and annual property reports to the owner.  

Simple and Transparent Fees

Great Service does not demand complicated fees.  Pyramid Properties management fees are straight forward.  If you don't get paid, we don't get paid.  There are no hidden fees and no up front charges.  Our full service property management fee structure provides an incentive for us to work hard for you!

Maximize Cash Flow

Getting the maximum amount of rent and keeping a unit occupied maximizes the rental property cash flow.  Pyramid Properties helps owners set the right rental amount and we keep their vacancies filled.